Dermal Fillers

Smooth out wrinkles and put your best face forward

Put Your Best Face Forward

Have you started to notice your face appears dull, sunken, and older? Do you see fine lines and wrinkles on your forehead or around your eyes? Do you lips seem less full and pronounced as they once were? Is your jawline starting to sag? Facial fillers are a world leading treatment that combats the signs of aging. Don’t worry, you aren’t alone! As we age there is a proven process of what happens to our skin and its appearance:

30s: Start to lose skin elasticity revealing fine lines, wrinkles and sagging

40s: Lips look thinner, lines around the mouth appear, cheeks become hollow and sunken, chin and jaw look droopy

50s: Horizontal lines across forehead deepen, vertical frown lines between eyebrows appear, eyebrows start to droop and sag, hollows form under the eyes

Are Facial Fillers Safe?

  • Facial fillers are very safe and have been used for over 20 years with 28 million+ treatments performed worldwide
  • It is a non-animal based line of injectable gels made of hyaluronic acid (a substance naturally found in the body that helps bind water molecules to add volume)
  • Facial fillers can be combined and tailored to fit your skin needs to achieve the most natural youthful look you want
  • 92% of clients would recommend the facial filler procedure to their friends

What Areas Can I Rejuvenate With Facial Fillers?

  • Upper Face: smooth out forehead lines or wrinkles and revitalizes the eyes (i.e. eyebrow droops or hollows)
  • Mid-Face: Add volume and youth to your sunken, saggy, or hollow cheeks
  • Lips: Facial filler adds gorgeous volume and definition to your lips
  • Lower Face: Smooth out lines from nose to mouth and around the corners of your mouth by adding volume, enhance/improve contours of the face, and accentuate your jawline
Frequently Asked Questions
It is normal to have a lot of questions before trying a new procedure. Our professionally trained staff can answer any and all questions you have when you book a free 15 minute consultation at the clinic. In the meantime, let us get you started with the most frequently asked questions we receive about Dermal Fillers.
How long do facial filler results last?
Most clients enjoy the results of facial fillers from 12-36 months. The results vary based on individual and the customized treatment they choose.
Who should perform the facial filler procedure?
Only a healthcare practitioner who is highly trained in facial filler Injections are qualified to administer this procedure.
How much does a facial filler cost?
The cost depends on your unique needs. Each client requires a different combination of the filler formula for best results. Book a consultation with one of our highly trained practitioners to find out the optimal treatment and cost for you.

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