The sun causes up to 80% of all skin-aging effects and too much sun puts you at risk for skin cancer. Protect your skin with a superior sunscreen product.


Over-the-counter sunscreen lotion doesn’t offer the best coverage! It absorbs UV rays, heats skin, and you have to wait 20 minutes for it to start working.


  • Mineral powder based sunscreen line offering superior protection from UVA/UVB rays while cooling your skin
  • Doesn’t absorb into your skin like sunscreen lotion and starts to work immediately upon application
  • Keeps your pores clean and your skin feeling non-greasy
  • It is safe for the whole family to use because it contains no chemicals, preservatives, dyes, or perfumes
  • This lines offers various shades in each of the products to perfectly match your skin tone!
  • Packaging is reusable and environmentally friendly

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Luminique carries a variety of products from this skin care line. Book a free consultation or stop in at our clinic located at 3602 Taylor Street East today and let one of our professional staff get your started on your superior skincare journey. When it comes to sun protection demand the best with Sunforgettable to ensure you have truly unforgettable, younger looking skin.

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