Botox & Dysport

Erase years of stress and worry from your face

Facial Rejuvenation Using Botox & Dysport Aesthetic Injections

Imagine you could erase years of stress and worry from your life? While you can’t take those events away you can erase the impact of them from your face with Botox or Dysport Aesthetic Injections. No more looking in the mirror seeing a reflection of someone that doesn’t match how young you feel on the inside.

Botox or Dysport Aesthetic injections are quick, easy, painless and safe when administered by qualified healthcare professionals. With as little as one treatment it will give you the added confidence you desire to put your best face forward to the world.

Benefits of BOTOX & Dysport

  • Botox/Dysport will not change the way you look but instead enhance it to give you the best version of yourself
  • Treatment is quick (can be done in as little as 10-15 minutes), minimally painful, and requires no downtime
  • You will see the results of Botox/Dysport within days of treatment and the effects can last up to 4 months
  • Unlike other aesthetic injections, Dysport has a quicker onset, with no headaches and won’t give you that “frozen” look

How will BOTOX & Dysport work for you?

  • Botox/Dysport targets “dynamic” wrinkles which are formed from overactive face muscles, repeated facial expression over time (i.e.frowning, squinting, smiling), aging, sun exposure, and smoking
  • Botox/Dysport is a purified protein that is injected into the muscles that cause the wrinkles
  • Most common Botox/Dysport treatment areas include frown lines (between eyebrows), horizontal lines along forehead, and crows feet around outer eyes
  • Botox/Dysport gives you a refreshed and relaxed appearance

Three D’s Of Aging

Deterioration - wrinkles emerge and skin texture changes

Descent - droopiness or sagging of the skin

Deflation - loss of volume

Soft Lift is an approach that can improve appearance by combining Botox (to treat facial lines) and facial filler (to treat volume loss and folds). This technique has been proven to provide a noticeable and remarkable change.

Frequently Asked Questions
It is normal to have a lot of questions before trying a new procedure. Our professionally trained staff can answer any and all questions you have when you book a free 15 minute consultation at the clinic. In the meantime, let us get you started with the most frequently asked questions we receive about Botox & Dysport.
Will my face still have expression?
Absolutely! You will still be able to smile, frown and be expressive. The treatment only relaxes the muscles beneath the lines where it is injected. So all other expression remains the same. It has no effect on the sensation in your face (sensory nerves). You will still have normal feeling in the treated areas.
Are Botox treatments safe?
Yes! Botox®/Dysport has been licensed as a safe and effective treatment of various medical conditions in Canada since 1990.
How much will Botox treatments cost?
Every individual’s needs vary and the cost of Botox depends on the amount needed to treat the area. We’ll help set expectations during your consultation.

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