Are you having trouble losing those last stubborn inches to fit back into your “skinny” jeans? Does your waistline have you feeling frumpy and unattractive? If you can’t get rid of that bloat or stubborn muffin top despite going to the gym and eating healthy then Liposonix fat reduction is the answer for you. While you can’t target only problem areas through exercise, you can spot reduce with Liposonix high intensity ultrasound to get your sexy back!

What is Liposonix and How Does it Work?

Liposonix is a non-surgical, non-invasive, fat reduction procedure

During treatment the head of the Liposonix device is placed on the area to be treated and a high intensity ultrasound. Liposonix is an advanced technology that uses high intensity ultrasound to destroy targeted fat

It actually targets fat around your waistline giving you a sleeker, tighter looking stomach

What Results Can I expect from Liposonix?

You only need one treatment to see results and lose up to an 1 inch around your waist

Over the course of 8-12 weeks (post treatment) your body naturally removes the destroyed fat cells leaving you with a thinner and more contoured waistline

Since the treatment in non-invasive there is very little downtime required after the procedure

Post treatment recommendations are to maintain the same diet and active lifestyle you had prior to treatment

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Liposonix treatment safe?

Yes! You can rest easy knowing that Liposonix treatment has been extensively studied. There is more than a decade of research and testing behind its development.

Are there any side effects?

Liposonix is non-invasive and clients go back to work and resume normal activity the next day. You may experience temporary redness, bruising, discomfort and swelling.

What does the treatment feel like?

Minor discomfort has been reported during treatment including pain, cold, prickling, tingling or a warm feeling.

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